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Share your story!

For the first time, everyone can participate in Paradise Online. Share your story with us, and we'll show your video at the event. We've prepared a few questions for you to answer. Record a video of yourself answering some or all of the questions, and share your personal story with all your Paradise Online friends.

Be sure to record a video of yourself in landscape (16:9 widescreen), otherwise we might be forced to crop your video. Any format/resolution/quality is fine, but keeping it above 720p at 30 fps is recommended.

Always record a video of you introducing yourself. This should contain at least your (nick)name and where you're from. If you want to share anything else, you are free to do so.

Please repeat the question you're answering. For example, before saying 'Dave Rodgers - Deja Vu' is your favorite song, first say 'What is your favorite eurobeat song?'. That way, we know which question you're answering. You can answer multiple questions in one take.

After recording, please send (a link to) your video to paradise-online@deshimasounds.com. Please also write down your (nick)name as it should be shown.

You do not need to answer all questions. Even if you just answer one, it's great!

If you submit your video in another language than English, please provide your own transcript (actual words you say) and their translation. We'll do the timing.

Deadline for sending in your video is 17 May. Late videos may or may not be included. We will be mixing up videos, so we can't tell you at what time your video will be shown.



Introduce yourself
What's your name? Where are you from? Are you a paralist (and what is your parapara circle/team called)? Are you a dj, artist, content creator or a eurobeat/techno fan? Tell us something about yourself.


What is your favorite song?
Eurobeat, hyper techno, trance, italodisco - anything goes.


Who is your favorite eurobeat star (singer or producer)?


What is your favorite parapara routine?
Or techpara, torapara.


What was the first routine you learnt, any why did you learn it?


Who or what introduced you to eurobeat or hyper techno? Which song brought you into the genre?


Who are your favorite parapara idols?


If you could meet any eurobeat personality, who would it be?


If you were a eurobeat artist, what would your alias be?


What was the best eurobeat/parapara event you attended?


Which parapara routine do you think is the hardest?


What is your favorite Paradise Online memory or story?


What do you enjoy most about eurobeat, hyper techno and/or parapara?


What message or story do you want to share with the community or the Paradise Online organisers?


Do you need help? Have any questions? Feel free to send us an e-mail, or chat with us at Discord.