Deshima Sounds is known for hosting the Paradise parties - both online and offline - showcasing the greatest eurobeat and hyper techno DJs from all over the world. But now, it's your turn! Join the Paradise Online Starlight DJ contest and become part of the super euro movement. The winner of this DJ contest, where the viewers can vote, will appear in the next Paradise Online event as a headliner. An unique chance for every super euro DJ.


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SSC Eurobeat18:00Allow Javascript for local times
Alonso Montero18:30Allow Javascript for local times
Doujin Ronin19:00Allow Javascript for local times
Alan Storm19:30Allow Javascript for local times
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DJ Vectrex20:15Allow Javascript for local times
Rod Steven20:45Allow Javascript for local times
Mikanmaru2421:15Allow Javascript for local times
Eurobeat Lover21:45Allow Javascript for local times


The event is over! The winner will be announced at Best of Beats, December 18.

We hope to see you then. And don't forget, you can vote for your favourite top 10 on the Best of Beats website.


It won't be a contest without rules. For this contest they are simple, and make sure everything will be fair for everyone. We listed them below.

  • Only newcomers can participate. If you have been on the line-up of a Deshima Sounds or Paradise (online or offline) event in the past, you are not allowed to join.
  • The Paradise Online team nominates up to 8 DJs who signed up to participate. They will be notified after the sign-up period.
  • The final mix has to be 30 minutes long. We accept a margin of 3 minutes. Genre is eurobeat, hyper techno or related genres.
  • Mixes should be new. This means they weren't released anywhere else before Paradise Online Starlight.
  • Mixes must include a video which is suitable for all ages.
  • Team entries are allowed, as long as all members weren't part of past events.
  • The winner of the event will be decided by votes. After the first mix has been aired, voting opens and stays open for two weeks after the event.
  • In order to vote you need a validated Twitch account and follow Deshima Sounds.
  • Subscribers to Deshima Sounds on Twitch get an extra vote. Tier 2 subscribers get 2 extra votes. Tier 3 subscribers get 3 extra votes. These extra votes can be for different participants than the first. You have to be subscribed at any time during the voting period to be able to cast extra votes.
  • The sign-up period starts at September 4 2021. It will last for two weeks until September 18 2021, 23:59 CEST.
  • No later than Sunday September 19 2021 the participants will be selected.
  • Participants will have to submit their DJ sets no later than October 21 2021, 23:59 CEST. Earlier is better so we can do some testing.
  • Paradise Starlight will happen on October 23 2021. The exact time will be announced later.
  • Voting for the favorite DJ can be done until November 6 2021, 23:59 CET.
  • Winner will be announced at a later event, currently to be announced.


Paradise Online is part of Deshima Sounds, where we aim to share our love for eurobeat, hyper techno, parapara and the culture that comes with it. Paradise Online was started after Deshima Sounds was forced to cancel their Paradise event in the Netherlands due to Covid early 2020. In the first three Paradise Online events DJs were invited to join the event. For the first time during Paradise Online Starlight it's possible for everyone to participate.

The best way to reach Deshima Sounds is via Discord. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Also, don't forget to give us a follow on Twitch so you get a notification when we go live!